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In 1982, Brummel Cucine was born from a dream Francesco Straliotto. He immediately sought to create a dynamic and functional company in which innovation and constant search of exclusive, eclectic solutions with a variety of taste was distinctive elements that helped to create a strong and successful brand identity.

Brummel combines the Italian traditions is a furniture manufacturer using innovative technologies. Detailed design combination of aesthetics and functionality. All this has helped to achieve great success, win the trust of customers.

Over the years the Italian factory Brummel vyyshla on the best international markets, creating prestigious and important collaboration, and has earned increasing appreciation of the demanding audience.

The tree, the absolute main character, is chosen of the most valuable species, selected with passion and sustained with patience, combined with marble, granite, stones, metals, or crystals of rare beauty.

Another big step in the expansion of production has occurred in recent years, when Brummel uses the classical scheme of production kitchens to go to Total Living.

Paying some attention to ecology and sustainable development, the company shows great respect for the environment and man. In fact, Brummel uses a production system that enhances the important elements such as quality, safety and no toxicity products.

All raw materials have FSC controlled origin, and the use of solid wood makes the products Brummel zero emissions of formaldehyde; at the stages of production measures that promote conservation, recycling, reducing emissions; environmental decoration and painting cycles based on water provide a healthier environment and protect the health of customers; internal waste incineration plant burns wood waste at a very high temperature with a minimum emission of vapors into the atmosphere and produces heat energy for heating the building.

Each product Brummel is a project of tailoring Made in Italy, eco-friendly, high quality, always unique, exclusive and relevant only to the wishes of those who chose him. Today, after more than 30 years, Brummel valued all over the world.

bar home DOLCEVITA
In Stock bar home DOLCEVITA
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bar home FUTURA
In Stock bar home FUTURA
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bed LETJE1-C
In Stock bed LETJE1-C
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bed LETJE4-B
In Stock bed LETJE4-B
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bookcase LIBRJE
In Stock bookcase LIBRJE
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Composition for bathroom CONCEPT
In Stock Composition for bathroom CONCEPT
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Composition for bathroom STYLIA
In Stock Composition for bathroom STYLIA
Price: 0.00грн.
Composition for bathroom TEMA
In Stock Composition for bathroom TEMA
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dinner table TAREJE-A
In Stock dinner table TAREJE-A
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Kitchen  Jewel
In Stock Kitchen Jewel
Price: 0.00грн.
Price: 0.00грн.
Kitchen Diamond
In Stock Kitchen Diamond
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In Stock Kitchen DIAMOND EVO
Price: 0.00грн.
Kitchen Ego
In Stock Kitchen Ego
Price: 0.00грн.
In Stock Kitchen ESSENZA
Price: 0.00грн.
In Stock Kitchen GRAND GOURMET R
Price: 0.00грн.
Kitchen JAIPUR
In Stock Kitchen JAIPUR
Price: 0.00грн.
Kitchen Luxury
In Stock Kitchen Luxury
Price: 0.00грн.
Kitchen Marmola
In Stock Kitchen Marmola
Price: 0.00грн.
Kitchen Opera 30
In Stock Kitchen Opera 30
Price: 0.00грн.
Kitchen Opera 30 new
In Stock Kitchen Opera 30 new
Price: 0.00грн.
sideboard MAJE2AL1G-B
In Stock sideboard MAJE2AL1G-B
Price: 0.00грн.
wardrobe ESSENZA
In Stock wardrobe ESSENZA
Price: 0.00грн.
Wardrobe OPERA 30
In Stock Wardrobe OPERA 30
Price: 0.00грн.
writing desk SCROFJE
In Stock writing desk SCROFJE
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