Coffee Tables
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Coffee tables
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Modern, Contemporary

The Arbor coffee table collection stands out for its sophisticated design at the base, while remaining functional and aesthetically sophisticated. The expressive geometric line serves as a solid and durable support, maintaining tenderness and grace. The base is made of curved steel rods, imitating the silhouette of petals, which support, like a jewel, the thin top of the table. The table top can be made of metal, in the same finish as the base, as well as glass or ceramic. At the very base, you can add a part that covers the floor, thus creating additional usable space for storing magazines and other small accessories. The size range varies, 5 options are offered. Arbor tables can be used as free-standing units or create original compositions. It is proposed to complement the design of the room with a console of the same name for a single style solution.

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