Lounge in classic style.

When you leave the sauna, you want to relax and plunge into a comfortable and beautiful atmosphere.

We have selected upholstered furniture that would be combined with the overall style of the house. The sofa is made in leather, the legs are in wood. The sofa was made by the Italian factory Asnaghi. Customers were satisfied with the quality and comfort of this furniture. The tables are made in different sizes. The base is wood, the table top is in stone. The tables were made by the Italian factory Angelo Capellini.

The lighting was purchased from the Spanish factory Riperlamp. This collection is in good harmony with this furniture. Provides a warm, relaxing light that's very good for relaxing.

We also selected beautiful Italian fabrics and tulle. The fabric in the curtains added a deep blue to this room. Our design studio works with "fairies" for sewing textiles.

The room brings pleasure and relaxation to our clients.

This is the biggest reward for our work!

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